The cliffs

The southern cliffs are high and steep. The deeply cleft hilltops are covered in choking vegetation, made less accessible by a range of Tomas traps, from tripwires close to the cliff edges to spiked pits on the narrow pathways. Animals regularly fall prey; every now and then a pig or deer or similar tumbles into the welcoming arms of the first Cathornan to reach its still-warm body at the base of the clifs. Tomas has mapped all of his traps.

The western cliffs are steep, crumbly and covered with straggly trees growing out of cracks and crevices. The goblins attacked down this cliff face in Fourth Cathorna, seemingly tumbling down through the stunted willows to the ground beneath. Many were maimed by the fall before they got into the fight. The steep sides and close vegetation keep most people off these hilltops, though there is a path from the top of Cathorna Hill (where it is topped by the road) to the little cemetery overlooking the river.

The eastern cliffs above the farmhouses are much like those above the dwarf bluff, but are subject to rock falls where the latter are not.

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The cliffs

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