Daen tribes

The Colgar
COLGAR duns roam the plains to the north. They don’t like Cathornans much, mostly because they compete for resources (river fish, coal, plains game and crops). Some of them worship at the Temple. The number in the hundreds, perhaps a thousand. The Lodhael are a family group of Colgar duns living NE of Cathorna, and are the blood enemies of the O’Conchubhairs. Good riders, herders and beastmasters.

The Eogbann
Eogbann duns occupy the forests, villages and plains to the west. Cillien (the next town) has many Eogbann duns; many of the Temple worshippers are Eogbann. Eogbanns are generally friendly or indifferent to Cathorna, and trade with Cathornans. Ced Creddieath (logger) and Keema O’Chordan (trader girlie rescued by Second Skirmish) are Eogbann duns. Good traders, builders and foresters (much like Cathornans)

The Ewen
Ewen duns occupy the foothills of the Misties some distance away. Cathornans very rarely encounter them. They are generally friendly. The O’Conchubhairs are a family gorup of Ewen duns. Good boatbuilders, rivermen and fishermen.

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Daen tribes

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