2 Apr 11: Latest diary entry is in, Cull them Kul has been moved to Archive.
10 Apr 11: Added Schitzy’s pic of Erfiren Errandoor
21 Apr 11: Added detail on Medicine (and healing) after discussion of healing spells with MickJ
3 May 11: Added descriptions to some creatures in The Bestiary
24 May 11: Added plan for leaving the swath with all the useful plunder we can carry.
20 Jun 11: Updated The council of Cathorna with details of the election process
12 Jul 11: Updated Cathorna time line. Moved Packs and Plunder to archive.
17 Jul 2011: Latest diary entry is in. Moved Packs and Plunder to archive.
Updated Greater Firen map to show the tributaries and Thingy Hill.
Now an ‘Ascendant’ member. More functionality to the wiki, including forums, calendar, more upload and multiple maps.
18 Jul 2011: Posted Cathorna village image to maps
10 Aug 2011: Posted ‘Explored areas’ map to Maps page
16 Aug 2011: Posted Cathorna village map with contour intervals
30 Apr 2012: Latest diary entry posted
1 May 2012: Explored Areas map updated to show Milden Hills
15 Nov 2012: Explored Areas map updated to show the Ant Journey
14 Jan 2014 Added FOW map as an item

The Orphans of Cathorna

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