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Scenario 1: The coal face

Mission Objectives
-Find the horn.
-Nullify its dark magic. Altraam has 2 possible solutions.
-Destroy any creatures still invested with dark power
-Dispel fears of a repeat occurrence.

-Cost benefit of prep time v letting the demon prepare/grow strong/find horn
-Seek the horn 1st; cleansing it may destroy anything it created
-Detect magic to allow us to home in on the Horn. Do beetles shy away from it?
-Altraam lets his piece of horn hang freely. See if gravity is the only influence on it.
-Use Tomas mining skills to help guide us through the cave in.
-Use of large shields to keep enemy from our flesh.
-Show no fear. If you can’t do that you best guard the entrance to the mine

Altraam should lead this mission because
-Responsibility He never should have allowed the horn to be tossed in a hole.
-Resistance Ego gives best chance of resisting creatures of the netherworld
-Religion He is best equipped to fight whatever (with spells & words)
-Reason Nether-being skill and Tactics are best skills to keep us alive.

Role suggestions
Beckett: Map maker/Warrior
We don’t know how complex the cave in will be. Beckett can map it and take centre position in a shield formation. He is the most skilled shields-man in the group and a line of shields may keep evil demonic/undead hands from our flesh.

Tomas: Mine expert/Warrior
Has some knowledge of the mine so can act as a guide while telling us what is new tunnels and what is old. Recent frost band acquisition may be for just such an occasion so he need to be near any action.

Erfiren: Navigator/Warrior
Direction sense will help us keep our bearings when moving in the direction of the horn. Has a handy light source to help avoid surprise and forms the final three of a shield wall. Three people together means the disadvantage is negated for large shields.

Cian: Caving/Loose Cannon
It’s what will happen anyway so lets plan for it.
Caving should help our general survival. He has ego defence to allow him to operate independently. Big weapon also best suited to standing alone.

Altraam: Reserve
Has the conviction to keep us on course, a spell to drive enemy away, healing if someone does get hurt, his bless spell and a possible solution to the problem. Needs to stay up to do this and he has to get to the horn. I tried something that failed in the dream last session. I think it will work in the real world but didn’t try it at the time.

Personal Issues 2: Rural idle/ideal

Magic items
Potion (HTH and life support)
-Have Amrik identify them; hopefully above what Tomas has already (1 silver each)
-Hopefully determine duration, power and or number of doses
-Have a cloth lined wooden box made to carry 4 bottles
-Will the potions spoil i.e. do they have a use by date.

Elf boot
-Show it to our elves, tell them its story. Maybe that skeleton was elf/1/2 elf
-Offer to return if to them if they know who is belongs to
-See if they can identify its powers or owner
-Suggest Beckett/Tomas do above with sword/shield
-Make a copy possibly to diffuse its magic in to a second shoe.
-Quest to find other or return this one
-Let traders know I’m looking for the other shoe and will bargain for it.

Ring of desire
-Take off money for its design (Tomas) and making (Sulkana if accepted)
-Offer to place stone myself sighting concern of mind control effects
-Make sure face value is not so high as to make it too valuable
-Religious markings to make people fear consequences of theft.

Gold coin
-Pay a silver to get Amrics advice. Access to martial arts book gives him that trust.
-Carry it in purse for a few months to make if feel mine (attune to it)
-Trade copper/silver from same purse and try to summon them to me
-Polish it, mentally summon it, speak/think name Neeshka provided

Porter Family
-Richard: Told to choose a woman, not have 2 on the go.
-Richard: 2 months to choose or Altraam tells them both.
-Mila: Quizzed on inconsistent approach pre and post Kel eviction
-Kids Altraams support and Church money to employ/motivate
-Mila: Poison theory; explain how easily I could’ve blamed her, yet I didn’t
-All: Support the honourable, monitor the deceitful or untrustworthy

-Logistics training
-Secrecy from traders more important than getting help
-Promote lifestyle, supporting leadership, repaying Orome, Nedley commitment
-Approach party about sister being custodian of our seeing stone until we need it.
-Monthly rituals in preparation of move.
-A more aggressive outlook by Altraam as he prepares for confrontation.

Scenario 3: Long march <?H2>

Peoples’ role
Altraam- Healer (level 3) + heal spell, Logistics (working on level 2)
Altraam will play healer, he is not skilful enough in logistics to be useful. Hopefully an NPC will complete my tutelage by performing that role

Beckett-Smith (level 4), Hunter (level 5), Guard (level 4)
We need a smith and Beckett is a good choice. If he plays the smith there is no need for a Dwarf to be there, that likely appeals to Beckett. He’s a damn good hunter and a may contest for a guardsman’s role too; they are the most popular jobs.

Cian-Fortifications (level 3), Carpentry (level 2), Earthworks (level 2?)
He will work as a carpenter while overseeing the forts defence ability. If we have to take him out the work pool to do this, so be it. Cian is our fortification and earthworks specialist.

Erfiren-Hunter (level 3), Guard (level 4), + invisibility
We have many good hunters and fishermen so I think he is best suited to a guard role. With invisibility he can operate solo as a member of the guard roster.

Tomas-Artificer (level 3), Civil Engineering (level 3)
Having discussed the matter with Woj, Tomas will take up an artificing role. With so much wood work this is the most efficient use of his skill. It will add ¼ of a day to take his awesomeness out of the work pool, but I think that is an acceptable price for his expertise. Question to Mick, do we get his skill benefit (quality, not time mod) if he is on site as a member of the work pool?

Points of contention
Work day
Sleep efficiency is affected if we work longer than 14 hour days. 15 hours is 99% sleep efficiency, 16 hours is 97%. As we are building a fort in enemy lands we should push ourselves and the community. I think we can get away with some lack of sleep,

Guard roster
If we use 14 hour days guard rosters are compromised due to the need for maximum workers. With 16 hour days we can allocate many more guards to the roster. We need to consider proportionate rosters to have more at night also.

1 or 2 Locations
There are 2 locations where work will be done, the forest and the fort. Do we complete work at one site and then move to the other or operate both at once? 2 locations = ½ the number of guards. 1 location = more unskilled labour. There would also be split guard rosters at each site during work time.

(Space for future plans)

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